• Now available in the following Countries:
  • Sweden: UPDATE! We now cover ALL of Sweden, Norway (Larger Cities), Germany (Larger Cities), Swizerland (Larger Cities)
  • South Africa (Cape Town, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth), Canada (Vancouver, Toronto)
  • Stay Safe!

New Personal safety app helps travelers stay aware of unsafe areas at top travel destinations worldwide.

London April 20th, 2017 Press release

Getting pickpocketed, robbed or scammed, can turn any great holiday into a nightmare. This is why personal safety apps can make a good addition to your holiday itinerary. Safely is a new app that helps travelers stay aware of unsafe areas at top worldwide holiday destinations. The new service periodically monitors users' surroundings for criminal activities and notifies when entering an area or a street that has issues with theft, assault and robberies, whether it's a busy shopping street in London, an unsafe suburb in Sweden or a pickpocketing hotspot in Barcelona, Safely aims to help users stay 'crime aware' wherever they go.

Intelligent crime monitoring in your pocket.

By analyzing hundreds of thousands of public police reports and after cross-checking data, a safety profile is generated which guesstimates the current safety level of an area

Fortunately, not all areas are unsafe at all hours a day, that is why the service also examines police reports for 'crime time-stamps', this gives the user a more nuanced warning on areas prone to higher crime at certain times of the day. - A park in Paris can be perfectly safe during daytime, but can be somewhat unsafe during nighttime.

The app has been tested in Stockholm, Oslo & Copenhagen since February 2017, and is now Available for top destinations such as London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna, Rome, Barcelona, Johannesburg, Cape Town Bangkok and many more.

The app is FREE to download this week and available in App Store & Google Play

For more info visit and see if your town is covered.