• Now available in the following Countries:
  • Sweden: UPDATE! We now cover ALL of Sweden, Norway (Larger Cities), Germany (Larger Cities), Swizerland (Larger Cities)
  • South Africa (Cape Town, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth), Canada (Vancouver, Toronto)
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For Companies

Based on thousands of police reports & local intelligence is mapping and analyzing crime trends around the planet. The key is to make a vast amount of public data as accessible and easy as possible to understand and deploy for both companies and citizens who live & operate in areas where War, High Crime & terrorism might be of concern, especially in industries like Security, Insurance, Hospitality, and Navigation.

Guests usually pay close attention to the location of their Accommodation. Is it located in an upscale residential neighborhood, a bustling business district or a seedy commercial area? Is it safe to walk around after dark? Is there a police station nearby? All of these factors affect the likelihood of a break-in or assault during a customers stay. Crime.AI provides a platform for Hotels to inform guests of areas that might be unsafe and best avoided.

Real Estate
When it comes to crime, most buyers simply don’t ask any questions at all, as agents might be prohibited from doing much beyond pointing home buyers to law enforcement sources, Crime.AI has made it easy for Realtors to assist home buyer towards deeper, more nuanced, and more usable data - We help their customers understand what crime-types that takes place in their neighborhood-to-be, which in turn allows them to make smarter decisions about which home they buy.

We aim to deliver the highest quality of data to our customers so they can deliver added value to their products.

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