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  • Sweden: UPDATE! We now cover ALL of Sweden, Norway (Larger Cities), Germany (Larger Cities), Swizerland (Larger Cities)
  • South Africa (Cape Town, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth), Canada (Vancouver, Toronto)
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How is crime trending on your street? +1,29%
- Introducing the worlds most comprehensive private crime api : makes cities smarter by making data on burglaries, assaults, theft and homicides accessible & easy to understand. We organize and sort millions of Open-Data and public police crime-reports as they happen. helping you make the right decisions on where to buy a new home, expand your business or choose the right hotel for your next holiday, helping companies get unparalleled insights into worldwide crime trends.

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Millions of police reports, OpenData & local intelligence is mapping and analyzing crime trends around the planet. The key is to make a vast amount of public data as accessible and easy as possible to understand and deploy for both companies and citizens who live & operate in areas where War, High Crime & terrorism might be of concern, especially in industries like Security, Insurance, Hospitality, and Navigation.
Advanced AI algorithms

Our rating systen is based on Advanced AI algorithms that evaluates the severity of crimes in your area, the size of the city you live in and various other parameters. together they produce a score that we use to define an areas safety score. - The data we analyze are only based on street level crime, not accidents, fire or environmental issues.